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Fredrick is a boy with albinism.   He is seven-years old and has a mother named Aidah, who is very poor and cannot supply Frederick's needs.   His father is dead.

Fredrick has a problem with his sight.   We know him very well because Isaac frequently meets him and visits with him and his mother in their home.   We consider him an orphan because no one is prepared to take care of him (which is the TOLO definition of an orphan).

Fredrick's mother permitted him to become a Member of the
Tree of Love Orphanage.  Shortly afterwords, Fredrick was sponsored as was his brother, Emmanuel, in the photo with him.

Below right, Fredrick and with his mother, Aidah, are standing in front of their home.   Fredrick, center, is in his new TOLO T-shirt.

Also with his mother's permission, we decided to see what could be done for Fredrick's eyesight, and funded by his sponsor, we took Fredrick to a doctor.   The doctor concluded special glasses would be necessay to help Fredrick.


  We ordered the glasses and in a few days picked them up and delivered them to Fredrick.

Fredrick is thrilled to have his eyesight much improved, and so is his mother, Aidah, and his brother, Emmanuel.   His mother, Aidah said, "Before, Fredrick could only focus after noding or bending his head to either side, but now he remains straight and can see."   When we brought Fredrick the glasses, we found him at the home and we surprised him.   After receiving the glasses, he said, "Anthony, I can see even things afar."   This reminded me of the blind man who was healed by Jesus.   This was a much joyful event.   Fredrick will be experiencing a new life, now that he is seeing everything around him, even the letters on the blackboard at school.

A Tree of Love Orphanage success story.