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Vicar Bagalana Isaac

I am the Founder of the Tree of Love Organization (TOLO).   Before you sponsor a child or support our efforts, I am sure you will want to know more about me.   Here is where I am from:

Nation: Uganda
District: Kamuli
Region: Eastern region, North East
County: Buzaaya
Sub-county: Mbulamuti
Parish: Mbulamuti
Village: Bunhenha

You can email me at

I am married to one wife, maiden name Namugerwa Lydia, now named Bagalana Lydia on social media platforms.   We have one child, a daughter, whose name is Mellan.
I still have my mother and my siblings who I took care of in the absence of my father.

I am a servant of God and I serve a Christian church in the Kamuli district, Mbulamuti sub-county.   It is 9 miles from my home.

Education background:
    I finished the Primary Level in 2010 and I obtained a "Primary Leaving Examinations" document.
    I finished Senior Four in 2014 and I have a "Uganda Certificate of Education."
    I finished Senior Six in 2016 and obtained a "Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education."
    Now I have been studying for a Diploma in Theology at the Lutheran Theological College Uganda for four years, and this is my last year.   God willing, I will receive a Degree in Public Management and Social Works.

I have served as senior leader and pastor to a lay leader for more than eight years.   I started serving at the altar in 2011 and then I was serving as a lay leader.   Now I am a commissioned Vicar.   I have served more than three churches as a full time leader, but I have served Nakakabala Lutheran Church for about 7 years.

Based on the above, and some that I have not talked about, I see the need for an organization and an orphanage to assist the innocent Ugandan children, the orphans, and to help disabled people, all by merciful and compassionate people, people from your country, wherever you are from, because in our country, Uganda, there is no one like you to help.

Helping the needy is like serving God himself, but also in the act of helping, there are many blessings in return.   Proverbs 19:17 "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done." You are also familiar with Jesus' words in Matthew 25:35-40.

So based on all of these, my dear friends of all Judeo-Christian denominations, on the behalf of the suffering children and needy adults in my part of Uganda, have mercy on them and be compassionate to them with your sponsorships and support.   You will be rewarded by God himself.

Helping or donating to the needy is in my heart, but not having much property or money, I am going be very grateful if my humble request for those in need is heard.

God bless you all as you extend your giving heart and hand to the Ugandan children.

Be blessed.

Isaac Bagalana

Vicar Isaac's congregation.