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Hi, I'm Lydia, Purchasing and Program Manager of the Tree of Love Organization.

Yes, our beautiful, 15 x 34 foot two-room Dormitory is finished.

[Click on the building to see inside.]

A generous supporter has funded its construction. We were short $300 for the windows and doors, but the maker gave us credit and delivered them. Can you help us pay him back? We will be grateful for any amount.

A generous sponsor funded the cost of painting the building, inside and out.

Four bunkbeds have arrived, paid for by multiple generous sponsors.   We were able to buy mattresses, sheets and pillows.

We plan to feed the orphan children and their caretakers who stay the weekend with us.

We still need four sets of
tables and chairs. They cost
just $195 each.
Notice the solar panel in the dormitory photo above?

A generous supporter funded the installation of the solar panel and room lights.   We now are able to have our Members stay overnight.

Any amount will be appreciated!
Tell us how you want it spent.

You will receive a receipt from Give Back to Humanity, a 501(C)3 organization, who has generously agreed to handle our donation transactions.

And here is our plan for the complete, TOLO compound.   Anthony has been teaching for years and so he will teach the children the basics, so they can get into the government schools.   I will cook for the children and visitors in our kitchen.
It is our plan and purpose to provide a comfortable bed, a good meal, and a basic education to 16 Ugandan orphans at the Tree or Love Orphanage.   We are on our way to doing so.   Would you like to help?