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John is a medical product research engineer in Pennsylvania, USA.   He first communicated with Isaac in 2019 while Isaac was early in his seminary training.   John also spent three years in a Christian seminary, so they immediately got along well.   John is a co-founder of TOLO, along with Anthony and Lydia.   Here is what he wants you to know about the TOLO Team in Uganda:

"The Leaders of the Tree of Love Organization receive no salary nor take any money from funds provided by the sponsors of individual children.   Leaders Isaac and Anthony provide for their families only through your support.   You can arrange to support Isaac, Anthony or Lydia by clicking on their photos below.   You will receive their gratitude and an email now and then telling you what they have experienced while caring for the children."

Vicar Isaac is the founder of, and the visionary for, the Tree of Love Organization (TOLO).   He is in his final year in the seminary and will soon receive a diploma in Theology.   His full background is available by clicking HERE.
Anthony is a co-founder of the Tree of Love Organization.  He also is in his final year in the seminary and will soon receive a diploma in Theology.   Anthony had been earning wages teaching from 2014 to 2019 in private schools until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.   He maintains the organization's Excel spreadsheet recording all funds received and all expenses paid.
Lydia, Isaac's wife, is a mother of a daughter and a strong supporter of the Tree of Love Organization.   Lydia, also a co-founder, is a trained hairdresser.   She will do the purchasing for TOLO, serve as Program Manager, and prepare the meals for the children.