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Vicar Bagalana Isaac

Here are the reasons why I want to start an organization which also manages an orphanage and a school:

One broad reason is that there are suffering people with disabilities, children who are living with uncaring parents or guardians, many needy people, and vulnerable ones.   All people who are in that category are seriously suffering.   They cannot meet their personal needs or even those of their guardians or parents.   Most of the time they struggle to get some of the basic needs, and they fail at times.   Needy families, their children, or orphans, or children who live with uncaring parents are not accessing education, and even those that are going to school, lack scholastic materials and uniforms.   They do not feed the children at school, and at the same time they are going to very weak schools that perform poorly in the country.   This affects the future of the innocent children that go to these schools.   Such children are at a risk of not completing their studies, not just because they don't want to study, but because they lack the basics of a good education.

In Uganda it's on record that 73% of the children mostly those from weak and poor families go to school without taking anything to eat at home and they leave the school still without eating anything.   Ask anyone from Uganda, and they will tell you.   So, a child who has not eaten anything at home, and at the same time not even at school, really, do you expect the child to learn anything from what the teacher teaches?

I personally am an example and I have the experience because I went through such schools.   I used to leave home without eating anything and even at school we were not eating anything.   This forced us most of the time to go back home before the right time, but also to go to people's garden and steal oranges, jack fruits, sugar cane and so on.

So based on the issue of education, I think that if I start such an organization, children from poor families and orphans will at least access good quality education from good schools and this can help them to learn well, hence saving their future.

Another issue is about living accommodations.   The people and children from poor families, including orphans, disabled people and those that live with uncaring parents, sleep poorly.   They sleep on ground, some do not even have blankets, nets, mattresses, or beds.   Here it is very had to find a child that sleeps on a bed or a mattress.  The reason is, they have no way to get these things, and when I looked into this, I saw a need for someone who is compassionate; he or she can help such suffering child or adult to access better materials to sleep on.

Then another reason is feeding.   People or children from poor families are being fed poorly, they eat unbalanced diets, the utensils they use to put in the food are even dirty and this has affected their growth, because if someone is eating poorly, such a person cannot grow well.   So, I thought that if I start an organization and get some people to help, these children will have the hope of eating well.

Clothing is also a reason I considered in my goal for the Organization. So many children are just wearing rags.

Medical issue: Here people from poor families, when they are sick, they use local herbs.   They have no ability to access good medical care and hospitals and many children are dying.

And finally, as servant of God who wants to see everyone knowing and believing in God through Christ, I saw that many people from poor families have neglected God just because they have lost hope.   They say they sleep hungry, sometimes they wear rags, they eat poorly, they do not go to schools, they lack medical treatment when they fall sick; so all these and others have hindered them to be active with God's work.   In short, they see no need to go to church, or to attend Bible classes.   So, I have hope that if the organization can get a start, I can more easily spread God's word to these hopeless children and adults, and also this will act as a testimony to others because they will be spreading the word of the love of God, hence God's word will be proclaimed to many people.

I am going be very grateful if my humble requests for those in need is heard.

God bless you all as you extend your giving heart and hand to the Ugandan children and others in need.

Isaac Bagalana

Vicar Isaac's congregation.