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TOLO Leaders meet with several Members

June 16, 2021.   Today the TOLO leaders met with Members Eddy, Andrew, Stephen and Mary.   After meeting with Eddy and his aunt, Anthony reported, "I had never witnessed Eddy smile nor his aunt.   But, when we shared the sponsorship message with them, they were unexpectedly happy.   We took photos to witness this happiness with you."

Anthony told Eddy and his aunt that Eddy has been sponsored.   He showed Eddy and his aunt a photo on his smartphone of the sponsor's family in Montana, U.S.A.   This is what brought out the smiles on their faces.

The TOLO leaders also visited with Andrew.   Anthony reported, "We also visited Andrew in the evening and he was much happy when he learned about the sponsorship.   We also showed him and his mother a photo of his sponsor who lives in East Fallowfield Township, Pennsylvania, U.S.A."

Isaac reported, "We visited also stephen and his mother, they were also very happy to hear from us that stephen is now in the TOLO organization's mind, hoping he will soon be sponsored.   Even Mary was among those Members we visited."

In the photo below, from left to right we have Anthony, Mary, Stephen, Stephen's mother, and Isaac.   Mary is a sweet girl who as of June 16, 2021, has not yet been sponsored.

TOLO Leaders and Members

Here are the leaders of the Tree of Love Organization, Isaac, Lydia and Anthony, and below are 12 of the members, the children of the Tree of Love Organization, in their new TOLO T-shirts.