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My name is Vicar Bagalana Isaac.   "You may call me Isaac.   My vision for the
Tree of Love Organization (TOLO) is to form a community-based, Bible-centered, Christian organization of God fearing children that understand their relationship with God to make them future Christians.   Then also I want the organization to assist the most vulnerable and disabled people in the community, vulnerable people like children who live with uncaring parents, orphans, and disabled persons, especially girl children at risk to abuse.   To fulfill my vision, I have a dream of starting a Christian school coupled with an orphanage where I will be able to know each one's behavior and needs, but also to teach God's word to them.   What do you think about my vision and dream?   I await your counsel and support.   (Matthew 25:35-40 and Proverbs 19:17)"

You can help our efforts by sponsoring an orphan child yourself through our sponsorship program.   By clicking on the  Children  tab, you will see many enrolled children ("Members") in need of sponsorship, along with their first name, age, school grade and health.   You will not see their surname or location mentioned, which must remain undisclosed.   You will learn much more about them once you sponsor them.   You will receive password-protected access to the sponsored Member's secure webpage, which will include their background summary, family history and additional photos.   We allow only one sponsor for each Member, and do not collect multiple fees from multiple sponsors as do other orphanages.   This allows for a personal relationship to develop between the sponsor and sponsored Member.

You will also be able to communicate with your sponsored Member through a secure message system.   Please, won't you consider sponsoring an orphan child?   The cost is just $39 per month.   You can cancel at any time.   For this monthly amount, during the COVID pandemic affecting Uganda, we will visit the sponsored Member frequently, checking their temperature and those of their family members.   We will also ask questions regarding any symptoms they may be experiencing.   If the sponsored Member has developed a fever, we will do everything we can to get them medical care (see our Success Story).

Once our dormitory building is completed, all Members will be offered a proper bed at night. Almost all currently sleep directly on dirt floors in their homes.   With the completion of our second building (see the GoFundMe link on the Home page), we will be offering our Members one nutritious meal per day, and co-founder Otesa Anthony, who taught students for five years in private schools, will give the Members a pre-school education.   This all begins with your help as a sponsor.   Contact us with any questions you may have.   God bless.

Vicar Isaac's congregation.