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Hi, I'm Anthony, the Projects Director.   I also manage the Organization's accounting and reporting to sponsors and supporters using Excel.   I have supervised the completion of the Mother Sandra Dormitory (our first building).   That's me on Day One wondering why there was still a banana plant in the girl's dormitory room.   The building has been seen as a success.   We still need a solar system for light in the dormitory rooms.

Our next building will have three rooms, a large multi-purpose room for dining and classes, in which I will teach the basics, so the children can enter the government schools.   There will also be an office in the new building and a kitchen for Lydia's preparation of food for the children.   This building will be used by all of the Members, but we can only afford to provide full services to those who are sponsored.   I do call upon every heart to give a hand to TOLO, so that every member is sponsored and has a chance to change his or her life for the better.

Each month I provide a report to our sponsors and supporters on how every penny has been used and the balance that remains.   Since schools have been closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, our sponsored Members are cared for wherever they reside with food packs, clothes and shoes.   We ensure that every sponsored Member (and sometime un-sponsored Members) receives everything required from his or her sponsor.   Thank you.   You can contact me through our Contact page.